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Welcome to Nonprofit.pro, a Web site that will continue to grow to serve the needs of the nonprofit sector.

Today the site contains articles and information on fundraising, nonprofit management, law, charity regulation, communications and e-philanthropy. These articles are written as an introduction to the topic and provide a basic level of understanding for those new to a subject.

Also, there are links to expanded resources that assist those seeking in-depth coverage. These links are hand selected after being reviewed by nonprofit professionals and represent some of the best resources for the nonprofit sector available on the Internet today.

A submission form is also provided so that questions can be asked of the Nonprofit.pro staff. Some of these questions may be answered directly but more likely they will be added to a developing list of questions and answers that will be posted on the site. Before posting, questions will be altered to remove any private information and to make them applicable for a larger audience.

The staff available to Nonprofit.pro include professionals in nonprofit management and specialists in fundraising for nonprofit organizations. However, the articles and resources provided here are informational but are not a substitute for paid professional or legal advice. You should always seek professional advice for your specific situation and needs.

Fundraising & Nonprofit Articles

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Do-Not-Call Lists & Charities
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Ask a Pro!


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